AGE BASED:  Anyone between the years 1945 to 1965 should be screened automatically.

Currently or in the past, have you …

  • Had a blood transfusion prior to 1992? Or had any blood products prior to 1987?
  • Experienced chronic fatigue or tiredness for which your doctor was unable to find an explanation?
  • Had surgery, including oral surgery prior to 1992?
  • Been diagnosed as HIV-positive?
  • Had a tattoo? Had body piercing? (Done outside the United States or in prison / ink was not
    individually wrapped / more than 10 yrs ago)
  • Served in the military? (Especially Vietnam or Korea)
  • Been in prison?
  • Injected drugs or inhaled cocaine even once or many years ago?
  • Had risky sex behaviors? (multiple partners, MSM (men having sex with men)
  • Had unprotected sex with anybody who would fit the above descriptions?
  • Individuals with chronically elevated ALT or AST lab tests?
  • Shared razors, toothbrushes, or personal hygiene items with someone infected with hepatitis?
  • Been exposed because your mother had or may have had hepatitis B or C when you were born?
  • Know that any of the above categories apply to a member of your immediate family, or has a
    member of your immediate family been diagnosed with hepatitis B or hepatitis C?
  • Worked in an area or been in contact with blood, blood products, or needles*? (* ie: Health care
    workers, beauticians, Botox parties, etc.)

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