Your Source for Viral Hepatitis & Liver Resources in Texas

1) I would like to get the initial hepatitis C test (known as the Hepatitis C Antibody test)?

View to see Hepatitis C Risk Factors

2) I already had the initial hepatitis C test and need to have the second hepatitis C test
(known as the Confirmatory test or the Hepatitis C RNA by PCR Qualitative test)?

3) I know I have hepatitis C but I don’t have the documentation (lab results) or any papers?

4) I have hepatitis C documentation (lab results) and now I need to know next steps or
available resources and help?
(lab results need to show HCV Ab / Hepatitis C Antibody or HCV PCR Qual. / HCV PCR Quant.)

5) I just want information regarding hepatitis C?

View HEP C Resources

6) I need liver cancer resources.

View liver cancer resources

7) I need other resources (ie: HIV/STD clinics, recovery & treatment, etc)

View other healthcare resources

8) List of Hepatologists